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Simply the nicest I have met so far. It is working corretcly. I get my period reminders on time, and I do need them! I had many surprises... Aunt Flo is now in control!

Amy W.

This app doesn't want too much from you. It seems it is really only about to help you. I've been using it for 5 months now and it helps a lot. I love that it is simple and EASY to USE! Perfect!

Suzy D.

I highly recommend this app. Basic tracking options and very good predictions. I also like the design very much!


Really good app. It let's me keep track of my period and cycle happenings, so I do not have to. This is the most important for me.

Melissa Kay

I really appreciate that this app reminds me about my period, which I tend to forget all the time. Reminders are easily customizable which I really like.


This app is all I wanted. Not more, not less. Very useful. I love how the Cycle is shown, I immedeiately know where I am and what is about to happen is the next days.